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The Legends of Olympus it was one of the books that fascinated me in my childhood, but it is interesting that from all the gods, the one that I appreciated or namely the one that I didn't forget it, it was Hephaestus.

"Hephaestus" represents, in the greek mythology, the god of fire, of the metals and of the metallurgy, of the smiths, of the sculptors and of the craftsmen.

Now, after many years, I ask myself why did I appreciate and I liked this god since I was a child.

I think I found myself in his activity of processing the metal, and this became one of my passions.

     We work principal in aluminum treated antioxidant, copper and brass. 

Aluminum is starting to get popular as far as jewelry making goes. Considering the crazy cost of precious metals this is not all that surprising; however, it may be a surprise at how cool aluminum jewelry can look.”  Tammy Powley